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Empowering Patients
Improving Medical Interventions

At gimini, we build digital health solutions to empower patients for their medical interventions.
Our Story

We learned first-hand how difficult it can be for a patient to prepare for a medical intervention.


We started doing some research about patient preparation and recovery and found that healthcare professionals were not given the right tools to help their patients.

This led us to start gimini to better support patients along their care pathways.

Our Solution

We are building digital health content empowering patients for medical interventions.


Our goal is to help every patient to have access to the information they need for their medical exams.

We aim to increase patient compliance, improve the quality of interventions, and optimise healthcare resources.

Our Vision

We believe that we can radically improve patient engagement in their care pathways by providing patients with the right medical content.


We aim to improve the quality of care by empowering patients to better manage their care pathways, impacting positively patients themselves and our healthcare systems.


Patient-centered content

High quality and up-to-date content

Medical content for every patient

Easy integration into IT Healthcare systems






Alix Rey-Christen

Alix is an expert in genetics, biological data curation and science communication with experiences in top academic institutions, including the University of Cambridge. She studied biology and genetics at the University of Geneva and obtained her PhD in molecular genetics at EPFL.

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Guillaume Rey

Guillaume is an expert in digital health & data science with 15 years of experience in academia and industry. He holds a PhD in bioinformatics from EPFL and an EMBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology, with specializations on Innovation Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

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Healthcare Executive, Switzerland

"gimini’s strategy to integrate deeply in IT systems is key to enter the healthcare ecosystem."


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